College VISION

The W. L. Bonner College (WLBC) aspires to be recognized and respected by the higher education community as a college of choice for students seeking education in the field of religious studies. As an institution that is established to prepare and train Christian workers to proclaim Christ, and to serve individuals, families, communities and congregations, WLBC will achieve this vision by adopting the following goals:

  1. Continue to pursue excellence as an accredited institution of higher learning;
  1. Comply with the standards of internal and external governing agencies and institutions;
  1. Enroll at least 300 Christian workers in the degree programs, who currently serve as pastors, evangelists, teachers, mission overseers, and youth ministers, from across denominations, over the next year, and train at least 100 through Continuing Education;
  1. Recruit high students graduates who are enrolled in Christian schools;
  1. Host one college fair per year, bringing together students and their parents, as well as guidance counselors, from at least 20 middle and high schools;
  1. Strengthen families, communities and congregations, through the Focus on the Family conferences;
  1. Continue to build relationships among internal constituency, and to strengthen those with other colleges and universities;
  1. Establish annual funding and capital campaign that will build organizational capacity to expand the college’s mission.

After a revisit of the College’s Vision Statement, the planning committee commenced to review the summary of issues and recommendations that flowed from the Compliance and Assessment documents. The issues are drawn from ABHE Team Reports (Recommendations, Suggestions, and Commendations), USDE action letters and reports, and information from other external agencies.