College Statement of Core Values

Bible-Centered Position—the Bible is the primary source for guidance in developing course syllabi. Truth is absolute and unchanging. Scripture is inspired (God breathed), inerrant and plenary. The Bible is integrated throughout all of curriculum so that students understand the interconnectedness between moral and spiritual values and rigorous academic discipline.

Godly Leadership—the institution’s leaders are in tune to the leading of the Holy Spirit as it seeks to hire capable and qualified personnel who embrace the mission and purpose of the institution. Administrators, faculty and staff are the living curriculum as they seek to integrate Scripture into all aspects of their lives.

Commitment to Prayer—the institution views prayer as a necessary component of its mission and purpose. Prayer is initiated before all worship services and chapel, including Commencement Exercises.

Building Strong Relationships and Fellowship—the college seeks to build and maintain effective relationships and strong families through its Pastoral Ministries and Women’s Ministries programs, in particular.

Institutional Effectiveness— since accreditation is a journey rather than a destination, the College continually evaluates its performance through quantitative and qualitative methods of assessment.

Financial Responsibility—the institution seeks to become good stewards of all its resources through servant leadership, responsibility in fiscal and time management.

World Evangelization—through missions and evangelism programs and studies, students are encouraged to share the Good News both home and abroad.