College Educational Objectives

  1. Students will bring glory to God to the ends of the earth through effective missions and evangelism strategies, teaching and preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and witnessing of His saving grace and power.
  1. Students will exhibit competence in defining and explaining the biblical and theological basis for all Bible-theology related courses.
  1. Students will gain access to individuals in public and private sectors, acquiring ministry opportunities through employment as teachers, social workers, counselors and mentors;
  1. Students will demonstrate life transformation and Christ-likeness through commitment and diligence through the study of God’s Word, motivating others to think critically regarding its interpretation and meaning, and living a life that is reflective of the institution’s core values;
  1. Students will become good stewards of their talents and resources, building positive relationships with family and peers, utilizing their time well in serving God, family and others, and caring for the hurt and needy;
  1. Students will build effective relationships with those who differ in ethnicity, age, gender and social strata, as they develop an appreciation for diversity;
  1. Students will show sensitivity and reliance upon the Holy Spirit for direction in spiritual, personal and professional matters, demonstrating the fulfillment of promises communicated by Christ in the Gospels, that the Comforter, which is the Holy Spirit, would lead and guide us into truth and understanding.

The College stands upon values and principles that are biblically-based, verbally communicated, and wholly demonstrated among its constituency. Administrators, staff, and faculty are the living curriculum.