College Goals

  1. Prepare ministers, teachers, missionaries and lay persons to teach the principles of the Holy Scriptures, bringing glory to God at home and abroad;
  1. Provide a setting for persons to develop and cultivate the critical and creative intellectual skills which are requisite for successful academic performance;
  1. Provide opportunities for students to develop general competencies necessary for earning a livelihood and functioning in society as productive citizens;
  1. Challenge students to embrace the interconnectedness between good moral and spiritual values and rigorous intellectual discipline;
  1. Create a nurturing environment that encourages students to perfect their spiritual gifts and talents, thus becoming good examples of true Christian spirituality and character;
  1. Foster an environment which is conducive for the social and cultural development of all students, through extensive in-class and out-of-class activities;
  1. Promote the wholesome qualities and values of the Apostolic-Pentecostal tradition in American religion, assisting students in comprehending the meaning and purpose of the Pentecostal experience as described in Acts 1-2, so that all may live a victorious Christian life.